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Strategic College Recruiting for the Digital Age
Leverage the power of social media and AI to attract and recruit the right students.

Effectively leveraging social media in your recruitment and admissions process goes beyond simply posting factual updates about your university or campus life on social media platforms. To fully unlock the power of social media, administrators must take a predictive approach to meet the needs of prospective students.


Our two-day Social Recruit training teaches participants how to integrate social media tools effectively to recruit the right students. We also show how to leverage AI to find the right students, while reducing ineffective outbound campaigns. By the end of the training, admission office counselors and administrators will have the tools to effectively deploy a powerful social media recruitment campaign.

The Benefits

Enhance Your Recruiting Process with Social Media

During the training, admissions officers and administrators will learn how to leverage the power of social media to attract and recruit the right student profiles. Participants will also learn how to integrate AI solutions and virtual streaming platforms to streamline communications with prospective students, while providing a high-touch experience.

We walk participants through the process of creating a social recruiting strategy, including an outreach life cycle workflow by platform. The trainer will help the team complete our social recruiting strategy template, so that participants can start the implementation process right after training.

We teach participants how to leverage AI platforms and chat bots to cut the time spent on general communication in half. Participants will learn how to leverage AI to make the process of screening candidates more efficient.

We train participants to implement re-targeting across social and display platforms, so that your institution stays top-of-mind throughout a candidate’s admissions journey.

During the training, we provide a playbook for deploying effective social proof campaigns to help attract prospective students.

Our Approach

Creating a high-impact recruiting strategy with social media.
Social Recruit Gap Analysis

Based on target student profiles, we provide recommendations about the most effective platforms (Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat, Line, etc.) for engagement. We analyze gaps in engagement across social and train participants to craft strategies to address the gaps.

Social Recruit Strategy

We teach participants to craft a high-impact social recruitment strategy and leverage streaming platforms to syndicate digital forums and open houses.

Automation with AI

We integrate AI platforms to automate processes and speed up the communication process between university and student, while minimizing the time that administrators spend on outbound outreach.

Omnipresence and Influence

During our Omnipresence Module, participants learn advanced re-targeting tactics and how to integrate social proof to appeal to prospective students.

Tools and Resources

Your institution will receive tools and resources to execute effective recruiting campaigns with social media.
The Social Recruiting Playbook: A Guide to Effective Social Media Campaigns
The Social Recruiting Strategy Template
The AI and Automation Playbook for Universities

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