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Comprehensive Process to Mitigate Summer Melt
Reduce churn and increase the number of students successfully enrolling in your institution with a melt intervention strategy.

Anywhere from 10%-40% of students fail to enroll in college in the fall after accepting their admission to an institution. This “summer melt” costs universities millions in lost tuition fees and missed opportunities to empower a student through higher-education.


Our Melt Mitigation training teaches administrators and admissions officers how to create a comprehensive outreach strategy to reduce melt. We focus on meeting the students needs across multiple platforms, so that they have the support and resources that they need to successfully transition to campus on the fall.

The Benefits

An Impactful Action Plan to Reduce Melt

During the training, admissions officers and administrators will learn how to create an effective strategy to mitigate summer melt. Participants will master automated outreach techniques, social media tactics, and leveraging AI to address the root cause of summer melt.

We walk participants through the process of creating a melt mitigation strategy that addresses the root cause of students not following through to enrollment. Participants will learn how to streamline communications and provide integrated support for students.

We teach participants how to leverage AI platforms and chat bots to reduce the time spent on general communication in half. Participants will learn how to leverage AI to help ensure students complete all enrollment documentation.

We train participants to implement re-targeting across social and display platforms, so that students receive consistent messaging and reinforcement to complete critical documentation.

Participants learn to conduct effective virtual forums to address student concerns and provide support before coming to campus.

We go through the exact email messages that your team needs to send out in order to help students overcome any barriers to finalizing their enrollment.

Our Approach

An holistic approach to mitigate summer melt.
Melt Analysis

We review common reasons for summer melt and discuss specific tactics to address each one.

Melt Mitigation Strategy

We teach participants to craft a high-impact melt mitigation strategy and leverage an omni-channel approach to provide support to students.

Automation with AI

We integrate AI platforms to automate processes and speed up the communication between the university and the student.

Anticipation Campaigns

We train participants to create effective anticipation campaigns to help students conceptualize meeting their goals on campus.

Tools and Resources

Your team will receive tools and resources to execute and effective melt mitigation campaign.
The Melt Mitigation Playbook
Student Melt Assessment
The AI and Automation Playbook for Universities

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