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Build a High-Performance Culture of Growth
Create accountability and inspire all levels in your organization to focus on driving growth through optimization, innovation, and customer delight.

There is a common fallacy that growth is the sole responsibility of the growth team or marketing team. This creates inefficiencies and missed opportunities to drive revenue.


In a high-performance organization, each department and every role must approach their responsibilities with a growth mindset. Each function must ask, “How can we serve our customers? What else would help our customers to meet their goals?” Our Culture of Growth training presents a system to help departments develop an infrastructure that supports innovative growth. This training helps teams unlock hidden growth opportunities and develop a plan to make innovation a priority.

The Benefits

Growth and Innovation at Every Level in Your Organization

During the training, teams will uncover hidden growth opportunities within their department. Participants will learn how to use strategic innovation to serve customers better, while tapping into disruptive ideas to drive revenue.

Teams must encourage a growth mindset to successfully innovate and find new ways to add value to customers. Participants will learn how to use growth thinking to enhance and optimize the things they do on a daily basis.

We teach participants the Lead With Learning Principle, which shifts meetings from being solely about tactics to being about innovation and execution. This keeps continuous improvement at the top of mind for key stakeholders.

We teach participants how to understand the customer’s intent and motivations for purchasing your products and working with your company. Participants will learn how to keep this intent at the forefront of their day-to-day activities.

Often, there are daily procedures and processes in any organization that end up stifling growth and innovation. We teach participants how to transform these processes with optimization techniques, while keeping true to responsibilities within the organization.

Each participant learns our growth cycle process and how to apply it to their department and role.

In many organizations, feedback becomes a point of conflict, instead of an opportunity for coaching. We give participants a system for giving functional feedback that drives creative thinking and problem solving.

Our Approach

Helping each level of your organization drive growth.
Cultivating the Growth Mindset

Shifting the way each member of your organization thinks about growth is the first step in our process. We train participants to align their daily tasks with the vision of the company and customer’s goals. Participants walk away with actionable tools to expand their thinking beyond their task list.

Exponential Process Efficiency

We teach participants a five-step process that they can implement to exponentially improve work processes.

Implement Growth Cycles

Teams learn how to build growth cycles and optimization into everything that they do. We provide tools and resources to manage cycles and outcomes.

Functional Feedback

Participants go through our Functional Feedback Workshop to learn how to frame suggestions into actionable steps to fuel growth.

Tools and Resources

Your organization will receive tools and resources to build and maintain a culture of growth.
The Culture of Growth Playbook: A Guide for High-Performance Teams
The Growth Cycle Planner
The Functional Feedback Handbook

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