Master Data-Driven, Agile Growth Marketing

Drive Growth with The Sulte Method

Today’s top performing companies know the importance of having a skilled team dedicated to growth and retention. Marketing without a clear growth plan leads to wasting money, time resources, and missing conversions.


The Sulte Method is a six-step, growth marketing process designed transform the way your organization approaches marketing. To be a high-growth organization, you must adopt a finely-tuned optimization process to uncover the best way for you firm to attract, convert, engage, and retain customers.


In this training, we will go through a proven method to achieve breakthrough growth. From persona mapping to deploying optimization experiments, attendees will learn how to use data to map out effective marketing tests. By the end of the training, all attendees will feel comfortable leading and managing growth cycles designed to help an organization achieve its marketing goals.

You Will Learn

A holistic approach to data-driven marketing.
Dynamic Persona Analysis

We move beyond demographics, sociographics, and psychographics to understand the intrinsic motivation and intent of customers. You will learn how to use the power of intent to restructure your conversion journey.

Traction Testing Methodology

We go through each marketing traction channel and examine new ways to strategically test them at various points of the conversion journey. You will master exciting tactics like viral loops, engineering as marketing, and automated acquisition scripts.

Lean Testing & Effective Experiments

We teach our testing methodology, which will help you measure results and make data-driven decisions. You will learn to leverage predictive analytics to hone in on the most effective traction channels.

The Growth Cycle

You will learn how to set up streamlined growth cycles. We go through your current marketing program and design a series of sprint-based tests that you can implement right away. We teach you how to manage the growth cycle process including: determining the right variables to test, setting up A/A and A/B experiments, and tracking traction channel performance.

Data Analysis

We dig deep into setting up effective data management systems, so that you can quickly make marketing decisions based on performance. You will also learn how to use the data to focus your budget on the traction channels that will drive the greatest ROI.

Retention and Virality

Growth without retention leads to churn and wasted marketing dollars. That’s why it’s critical to have a sound retention and engagement strategy. We teach mapping retention curves, setting up strategic viral referral systems, and increasing NPS.


The Sulte Method Certification is an interactive, integrated program taught over two days. We take a solution-oriented approach to teaching by bringing participant examples, real-world marketing challenges, and opportunities into the classroom. Each participant (or team) is urged to bring their data to the training as it will become a part of the curriculum. Our format is:

Space is extremely limited in each of our certification classes. We keep each class small so that participants have one-on-one time with the instructor.

You’ll learn everything that you need to start implementing The Sulte Method’s agile growth marketing process at your organization. For agencies and consultants, you will be able to add strategic agile growth marketing to your suite of services for your clients.

To get the most out of each training, we have each participant complete our proprietary growth assessment, which uncovers growth opportunities. For agencies and consultants, the growth assessment provides a great opportunity to assess your book of business and find ways to help your clients improve conversions.

The training is taught in a classroom setting for maximum engagement. Our virtual training is only available on a per a license basis for teams, agencies, and individuals who have gone through the live Sulte Method course.

The Approach

A four-step approach to help you master Sulte Method concepts.

We kick off each module by presenting one of the six core steps of The Sulte Method. We go over how to implement the strategy for B2B and B2C companies in any industry.

Problem Solving

We take your company’s or client’s marketing strategy and data and work on solving your growth issues with The Sulte Method.

Practice Breakout Sessions

We will reinforce each concept in breakout sessions, where each participant will be able to continue building their agile marketing strategy.


To close out each module, all participants will receive expert coaching to refine their application of The Sulte Method. We explore additional traction channels and refine each projected test.

The Benefits

Increase the ROI of your Marketing Efforts with The Sulte Method.

Without a structured optimization process, your entire marketing team is wasting time, money, and potential customers. The Sulte Method will allow your organization to close marketing gaps and fuel long-term growth.


Understand how to target the most profitable customers
Be able to design and manage effective marketing growth cycles
Feel confident analyzing data to make profitable marketing decisions
Have clear retention and engagement strategies to drive organic growth

Tools and Resources

Every attendee will receive powerful tools and resources to help implement the Sulte Method at their organization.
The Growth Marketing Playbook: A Guide to Driving Growth in Any Company
The Growth Cycle Planner
Access to the Growth Forum: A Database of Vetted Experiments, Tips, and Tools
Who is This Training For?

Marketers Passionate About Accelerating Growth

Transform your company’s approach to marketing with The Sulte Method. We recommend attending our certification program to learn about the methodology. You can empower your team to become agile growth marketers by scheduling a private corporate training session.

Help your clients achieve their growth goals with The Sulte Method. After the certification, we offer a tailored agency workshop to show you how to implement, package, price, and sell growth marketing packages to your clients. Your trainer will schedule a session for your firm once you are certified.

Improve efficiency and the results of your experiments. We invite Growth Marketing Directors or emerging Growth Strategists to improve their skills by becoming a Sulte Method Certified Strategist. This will give you the tools, resources, and methodology that you need to build a successful career.

Take your career to the next level by mastering agile growth marketing with the Sulte Method. After the certification, you will have the foundation that you need to become a savvy technical marketer and strategic growth strategist.

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